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Designing Large Ledger Grave Markers

A Ledger Grave Marker is a thick slab of stone, usually between 4 – 8 inches thick, covering the entire single grave.  Ledger Grave Markers may be engraved and used as the headstone itself, or you may also choose to include a slant monument or upright headstone at the head of the grave. Often ledger markers are over 80″ in length and 3 – 4 feet wide, this allows more than enough room to properly honor your loved one.

Most common in the Muslim faith as a grave topper, this extra-large flat grave marker can also host a wide variety of text, images, and more.  These larger markers lay tribute to your loved one for generations to come. Being laid flush with the ground and grass around them, they make for a lasting memory and will tell the story of your loved one forever.

In this article, we are going to talk about steps required to build a beautiful ledger grave marker, building up the foundation, family monuments, and more complex memorial designs. We will touch on incorporating bronze and building your loved one’s custom ledger memorial. 

Table of Contents

  1. Steps to Designing a Beautiful Ledger Grave Marker
  2. Building Upon The Foundation 
  3. Family Monuments and More Complex Memorial Designs
  4. Incorporating Bronze on Large Ledger Grave Markers
  5. Building Your Loved One’s Custom Ledger Memorial

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Steps to designing a Beautiful Ledger Memorial

A Full Ledger Grave Marker will cover the full length of the grave. Top to bottom will be covered in the highest quality granite. We source a wide variety of colors for this design and as such, each stone we use is as unique as your loved one’s story.

First, we tend to tell our clients to start from the inside or the middle of the ledger memorial and work outward when designing. Name, Birthdate, and Passing Date typically reside in the top center.

Second, we call upon any specific aspect of your loved one’s life that made them unique. Did they have a  favorite color? Did they have a favorite nature scene? Were they an avid fishermen? We want to honor your loved one with whatever things they truly loved doing. 

Third, We style the memorial with a border or other long-form text such as holy scripture, or favorite quotes.

Forth, and most importantly, we take it one step further to see if we can incorporate any other memorial stones that help build on the foundation laid by the Ledger Marker.

Ledger Grave Markers

Building upon the foundation

Your loved one’s ledger might not be complete without their physical likeness. By displaying their photo in clear white porcelain, their picture and physical likeness can accompany the overall design. As mentioned, the ledger does not have to be the only piece used in their memorial. For larger grave plots or family estates, a ledger grave marker could be used across many plots to encompass multiple stories. Larger families have used a ledger atop each of their individual plots while using an upright monument centered in the back of the overall memorial to bear the family name. In some instances, you can even use a ledger marker as a base to set a Slant Memorial or Pillow marker on top of. For single-person memorials, the slant or pillow option may be the way to go. All pieces of beautifully engraved granite will stand for generations to tell the story of your loved one forever.

Family Monuments and More Complex Memorial designs.

For those looking to memorialize more than one person, a more complex memorial might be in-order.

First, you start with the burial plot cover or the ledger grave marker.

Second, you lay that foundation of the Ledger Marker on top or surrounded by a granite coping (Sometimes of a different or contrasting color)

Third, you build either on top or ahead of that foundation with an Upright monument that bears more engraving.

Fourth, you wrap up the design by adding in granite vases for ornamental flowers or even an eternal flame (only available in specific locations)

The complexity you add to your loved one’s memorial will only aid in telling their whole story. The most elaborate of memorials will likely incorporate a Ledger as a full coverage base.

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Can you use bronze in the overall Ledger Marker Design?

We have built only a couple of bronze grave markers into ledger memorials. While they may accent the stone very well, adding a bronze plaque is typically best suited for smaller sections of granite. So the smaller 2’x1′ or 29″ x 22″ flat markers may better frame the bronze as they typically do not exceed 3 feet in any one dimension.

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Getting your loved one memorialized with a custom ledger grave marker

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If you are reading this in the Bay Area of San Fransisco then Bras & Mattos is the premiere memorial designer for you. We can offer a full concierge service from the beginning of memorial designing to the end of setting your loved one’s ledger at the memorial plot. Each facet of the process will be handled by one of our expert staff. The cemetery will be corresponded with to make sure that your chosen ledger is allowed in your chosen section. All handled to get your loved one honored as quickly and respectfully as possible. Call our design studio today to get started building your loved one’s memorial.

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"A quality Ledger Grave Marker Design requires a quality Monument Builder"

At Bras & Mattos monuments, we pride ourselves on delivering Slant Headstones at affordable prices. No matter the monument or memorial, you can be sure that with your help on the design, your loved one will be remembered with the perfect headstone for their memorial plot. Thus allowing future generations to remember the legacy and story through their quality memorial.To learn more and see our full memorial design process, please view our Youtube Channel