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Civic & Public Monument Makers

California Civic and Public Monument Makers, Carvers, Designers, & Builders

Mattos Monuments will design and create your granite and/or bronze Civic and Public Monument that is perfect for public, civic, and government organizations who want to commemorate people or events. We understand the importance of creating a lasting tribute that accurately reflects the significance of the person or event being honored, and we work closely with you to ensure that the final monument meets your exact specifications. 

Whether you are looking to create a memorial for a fallen hero, honor a historical figure, or commemorate a significant event, our services are the perfect solution. See the examples below and contact us today to learn more about how we can help you create a lasting tribute that will be cherished for generations to come.

Castro Valley Veterans Memorial

The Castro Valley Veterans Memorial is a unique commemorative installation that pays tribute to all service members lost and currently serving.

Mattos Monuments designed and created the granite statuary, upright tablet monuments, and the surrounding memorial benches to provide a respectful and contemplative location for our community to remember and honor these heroes from every service branch.

Alameda County Supervisors Memorial and Peacemakers & Firefighters Extensions

The Alameda County Supervisors Memorial is the largest anywhere in the Bay Area or California, with the two extensions of the Firefighters and the Peacemakers memorials as wings. The Alameda County Supervisors Council has many more years and names to add to the monument in the future.

Alameda County One Hundred Club Memorial

The Alameda County One Hundred Club Memorial is a special multi-piece memorial Mattos Monuments designed to commemorate the lives of all Firefighters and Police who perished in the line of duty. The solemn and respectful grey and black granite memorial features a fire helmet and a police cap resting on black granite benches. The large One-Hundred Club Memorial sits near the mausoleum in the Lone Tree Cemetery in Hayward, California.

Gold Star Families Memorial at Lone Tree Cemetery

The Gold Star Veterans Memorial is a large memorial installation at Lone Tree Cemetery in Hayward, California. With multiple 6″ thick black granite uprights, the monument rests on a large black granite base. The letters on the front of the memorial are cast in bronze and polished, while the back scenes and letters are beautifully etched.

CHP Golden Gate Division Memorial

Mattos Monuments is honored to have been instrumental in designing and constructing the Golden Gate Division CHP Fallen Officers Memorial. Cut and polished from 3 large slabs of our India Black Granite, this memorial makes a beautiful addition to the original Golden Bell.

The Fallen Officer’s granite star is this memorial’s beautiful centerpiece and focal point. Custom-engraved by our expert memorial staff, the monument will stand for generations and always remember those who fell in the line of duty.

Mercy San Juan Hospital Monument in Carmichael, California

Sandi Lira Tribute

The Sandi Lira Monument Memorial in California made of brown granite with a bronze plaque and photo etching

Joe Martinez Swimming Pool Bronze Memorial

Bronze Plaque honoring Coach Joe Martinez of Mission San Jose High School in Fremont, California.

Dublin, California Area C.H.P. Memorial

Constructed of gray and black marble, the five-foot-high memorial honors the Dublin, California Highway Patrol members. Mattos Monuments positioned the memorial in the corner of the Dublin C.H.P. office garden where all who pass by can take a moment to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving their community.

The monument has a granite base, three marble panels, and a 150-pound engraved granite C.H.P. badge affixed to the middle panel. The first panel has an etched picture of Officer John P. Miller followed by his name, identification number, and E.O.W. date. The center panel is engraved with a beautiful United States and California flag, followed by the C.H.P. mission of “Safety, Service, and Security.” An engraving on the third panel is the Oath of Office, which Officer Miller and every C.H.P. officer take on their graduation day from the Academy. The words, “Assist those in peril or distress, and, if necessary, lay down my life rather than swerve from the path of duty,” remind us of our heroes and their contributions.

Decoto, California Monument

The city of Decoto, California selected Mattos Monuments to design and create a memorial tribute to the Decoto citizens who served their country in World War II, giving the ultimate sacrifice.

This civic memorial will stand the test of time and be a reminder to all those who perished in the quest to defeat the enemy in such a devastating war.

Children's Memorial Statue in Hayward, California

This poignant statue honors the memory of children who died from violence. Alameda County Supervisor Gail Steele donated it to the City of Hayward, California.

The bronze sculpture sits on a black granite base, with the names of the Hayward children who have died from violence since the 1990s. Their names are etched on white granite blocks on each side of the base.

The sculpture is visible from the Hayward Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) station.

Children's Fairyland Memorial in Hayward, California

Veterans Memorial in Hillsborough, California

The intimate and respectful Veterans Memorial in Hillsborough, California, is a tribute to those citizens who served in our country’s military.

Mattos Monuments used the highest quality white granite with bronze embellishments reflecting the importance of these veterans’ service and our nation’s duty to protect.

Livermore, California Area Recreation & Park District
East Bay Regional Park District

Mattos Monuments created this bench area for the Livermore, California Area Recreation and Park District and East Bay Regional Park District.

It lists the names of individuals, families, organizations, and businesses who have supported the initiatives of both districts to create spaces for outdoor activities over the years.

Incorporating natural stone native to the location, Mattos Monuments included a hand-picked boulder with an etching and descriptive text about Alameda County Supervisor Edward Robert Campbell, who represented Fremont, Livermore, and Pleasanton. He served for 12 years on the Board and was actively involved in transportation issues, firefighters, paramedics, and the South Livermore Plan, which promotes viticulture in the Livermore Valley.

Rotary Club Clock Tower in Pleasanton, California

The Rotary Club of Pleasanton, California, asked Mattos Monuments to create an engraved black granite marble base with bronze markers for the Clock Tower erected in downtown Pleasanton.

The Clock Tower commemorates the club’s 50th anniversary and is a favorite of residents and visitors. It has become the “place to meet” and a respected analog timepiece for the Pleasanton downtown district.

San Jose Area C.H.P. Fallen Officer Memorial

This carved black granite memorial symbolizes gratitude and a token of remembrance for California Highway Patrol members who died in the line of duty while serving the citizens of Santa Clara County.

Mattos Monuments created three monoliths engraved with names, death dates, and the C.H.P. oath of service.  The memorial is accompanied by two marble benches for visitors to rest and pay respects.

Martinez, California Police Department

St. Anne Catholic Church Statues in Union City, California

The St. Anne statue created by Matttos Monuments stands in front of the St. Anne Catholic Church entrance in Union City,  California. Additionally, a statue of the Holy Family and a granite engraved marker are the focal point of the church’s Holy Garden.

Exquisitely carved by Mattos Monument’s stone carvers, the detailed statues flow with Renaissance-like movement and are a testament to the devotion of the church’s congregation members.

St. James the Apostle Catholic Church Statues in Fremont California

This beautiful monument, with a carved granite open Bible, is a tribute to Mother Teresa and is located at the entry of the Mother Teresa Courtyard. 

Vietnam Veterans Memorial at Lone Tree Cemetery in Hayward, California

The Vietnam War Memorial at Lone Tree Cemetery is dedicated to all who served and in memory of those who fell from Hayward, San Lorenzo, and Castro Valley, California. 

Engraved with names of U.S. Service Members, this beautiful black and grey granite marble memorial honors all those lost but not forgotten. Created by Mattos Monuments, it is reminiscent of the Vietnam War National Memorial in the nation’s capital.

"The Protectors" Memorial in Dublin, California

Honoring all First Responders, this memorial created in bronze by Mattos Monuments is at the front entry of the Dublin, California Police Department. It has an attention to detail that highlights the kindness, care, and bravery of those men and women who protect our communities.

The Crossroads Memorial in Dublin, California

Honoring those who have served and currently serve and will serve our country. Especially those service members from Camp Parks and the Dublin Community.

Alameda County Sheriff Veteran Memorial

Honoring all First Responders, this memorial created in bronze by Mattos Monuments is beautiful. It has an attention to detail that highlights the kindness, care, and bravery of those men and women who protect our communities.

Poppies Veteran Memorial Bench in Pleasanton, California

Mattos Monument built this statue of a veteran figure using South Dakota rustic mahogany granite. The man and bench on which he sits honor Pleasanton’s veterans of foreign wars.

The statue is based on the work “Poppies” by American painter and sculptor W. Stanley Proctor. This likeness is used across the country to honor veterans.

Veterans Memorial in Oakley, California

With a granite eagle as its focus, the Veterans Memorial in Oakley, California, is installed at Main Street and Norcross Lane. The eagle is a replica of a bronze sculpture commemorating the U.S. troops who fought in World War I. The original Eagle was in Oakley until 1976 when it was moved to the Antioch, California fairgrounds.

There are five square, red granite columns, each carrying the insignia of one of the branches of the U.S. military. They encircle a U.S. flag that sits on a granite base.


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