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Flat Headstones, Gravestone, & Memorial Markers

Carving stories in stone is not simply what we do, it is who we are, since 1897.

FLAT MARKERS are flat and are sometimes referred to as flush or lawn-level markers, grave markers, or tombstones. Flat memorials are available in any of our granite colors. You can view some of our more popular designs below. You can also combine elements from various designs. We suggest you use our “Design Board” feature to help you keep track and make the design process less overwhelming.

Some of our designs are a bit more intricate and have more detail. These designs have an (*) after the design number and require a special stencil to be used during production and will have an additional cost. You also have the option of creating something completely unique to honor your loved one. We have design artists on our team that can digitize custom artwork for an additional cost.

Vase cups can be added to any of our flat marker designs if the cemetery allows them. You can further personalize your memorial by adding photos and/or custom paint to enhance your design.

Our designs have space to add some words of endearment, a verse, or a poem. We also have some classic artwork to personalize the design.

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Single Flat Markers
Companion Flat Markers
Ledger Flat Markers

Single Flat Markers memorialize a single person. All our designs are available in any of our granite colors. You can also view our Flat Marker Inspiration page to get more ideas.

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You also can memorialize more than one of your loved ones with a COMPANION FLAT MARKER MEMORIAL. Additional names and dates can be added to the memorial when the time comes. However, it is important to design the memorial with this in mind so there is room left for the additional on-site engraving.

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FLAT MARKER LEDGERS are also common in the cemetery sections that allow them. Ledgers are bigger flat markers that are installed vertically. They are usually bigger and allow you more space to pay tribute to your loved one. You can browse our more common designs here or look at our Ledger Inspiration page to get some ideas.

Borders for Ledgers

Compact Memorial Ledgers