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The Mattos Monuments Way – Our Process

The Mattos Monuments Way – Our Process

At Mattos Monuments, we consider you as part of our family and treat you as such. Our process is simple and consists of four steps:

1. Design: We spend time understanding the story, traditions, and unique characteristics of the memorialized person (s). We offer expert design services to portray these stories in stone accurately. We also ensure smooth communication with the cemetery for authorization, delivery, or installation.

2. Customization: One of the most significant differences at Mattos Monuments is our ability to create anything. We offer custom artwork, shapes, sizes, and more, making each memorial 100% unique.

3. Production: Once we have a detailed design, our experienced production team brings the memorial to life in stone with precision craftsmanship and care.

4. Delivery: Finally, each stone is delivered and professionally set by our experienced installers, who work on various projects.