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Designing a Grave Memorial

Designing A Grave Memorial
Regardless of the type of memorial you select, you will generally include the deceased’s name, date of birth, and date of death. In addition to this information, you have many options for enhancing your tribute. Should you have a photo? How about an illustration or quote? Should you use humor? All of these can be tough questions. To help the design process go more smoothly, consider these five questions before you get started.
  1. It’s crucial to understand the cemetery’s requirements.  Each cemetery has specific regulations on the style, size, and even the material (such as granite or bronze) of the memorials they allow. Mattos Monuments can assist in checking these specifications to ensure your design meets the guidelines.
  2. What type of memorial are you buying?  If you know what kind of memorial you will be purchasing, it will be much easier to design your memorial since the size and type will determine how much information you have room for.
  3. The design process should start with the person you’re memorializing. Reflect on their personality and preferences. If you’re designing for yourself, this step is straightforward. By considering the person, you can tailor the memorial design to be a fitting tribute.
  4. The inscription is a critical element in memorial design. It’s important to remember that the words or phrases you choose are a tribute to the person. Keep the inscription concise and relevant to their life. Consider their favorite poem or quotation for inspiration.  Our “Words of Endearment” collection can also provide ideas.
  5. Select artwork or clipart – there are many options when selecting artwork for granite memorials. Due to size, your options will be more limited on smaller granite or bronze markers. Remember that what you are designing is a tribute to a person’s life and personality. Some popular symbols include flowers, angels, birds, praying hands, and symbols such as alpha & omega, an ankh. In addition to traditional symbols, many people opt to include images that relate to groups or organizations with which the person being memorialized was associated.  Look through our “Clip Art” catalog for ideas or inspiration.
When it is all said and done, you will have a beautifully designed grave marker that creates a lasting tribute to you or your loved one.