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5 Things You Should Know Before You Choose a Memorial

5 Things You Should Know Before You Choose a Memorial

Our dedication to detail is evident in each memorial we produce. When purchasing a memorial, you will generally need to consider five key factors.

1. Memorial Style:
Typically, you will choose from available options based on personal preferences or the wishes of the deceased. However, in some cases, specific steps may be pre-determined according to the regulations of the cemetery.

2. Size & Shape:
Whether you are purchasing a gravestone for one person or for a family, the size will be an important aspect of your discussion with a memorial professional. Consider how many graves the monument will sit on and how many family members will be interred there.

3. Material & Color:
There are various granite colors available for memorials, each suited for different purposes. Granite color is influenced by its place of origin. Explore some popular granite colors used at Mattos Monuments.

4. Finish:
Most monuments come polished on the front and back, with the other edges left with a rough, rocky surface. Additional polishing will incur extra costs. However, polished surfaces remain cleaner for longer.

5. Design & Lettering:
Consider whether you prefer a shaped carving or a flat carving. Also, be mindful of any customization restrictions set by the cemetery.

Do you prefer a shape carving over a flat carving? Are you allowed to customize the monument as much as you wish, or are there restrictions by the cemetery?