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Types of Grave Marker Memorials

Types Of Grave Marker Memorials-Mattos Monuments

The words grave markers, headstones, and gravestones are often used interchangeably. In general, these terms can refer to any memorial that is placed on a grave. Cemeteries often use the term “monument” to refer to any upright memorial. “markers” generally refer to memorials that lie flat or are beveled. The type that is best for you will depend on your cemetery’s requirements, your personal taste, and your religious or cultural customs. Most grave markers are available for one person or in a “companion” style. Companion markers are for two people.

Upright monument

The most common memorials today are upright granite monuments. These have two pieces–a top and a base. The top is often shaped like a tablet or rectangle, but it may also be curved, wavy, or some other shape.

Slant memorial (or headstone)

Like an upright monument, a slant memorial will normally have a top and a base, but they may also be placed directly on the lawn. The top will be wider at the bottom and have an angled top that tapers so that the front is seen at a slant.


Memorial benches are typically made of granite and are sometimes used as an alternative to a traditional grave marker. Benches may also be used along with a marker. Benches are available in various colors and styles and may be made with or without a seatback.

Flat, flush, or lawn-level marker

Lawn-level markers are small markers made of granite or bronze that are set flush on the ground or just a few inches above it.

Ledger marker

Ledger markers are granite or bronze slabs that cover the entire gravesite. They are sometimes used along with a headstone.