Bronze Memorial Plaques For Two People

Bronze Memorial Plaques For Two People

The Companion Bronze Plaque for two people is one that will elegantly tell the tale of a darling couple that lived and loved for many years. Most commonly placed over a cremation niche in a mausoleum, these plaques will stand the test of time.

In many mausoleums throughout San Fransisco and the Bay Area, they will only allow the bronze itself to be customized, maintaining the granite color of the panels for uniformity.

Although you may not be able to change the granite color it will mount on, many different aspects of the Bronze Plaque can be customized to help you tell the story of your loved one. You can even add some unique extra add ons such as porcelain portraits and vases to match the design. 

For those looking to truly customize each aspect, including granite color, placing the designed plaque over the burial plot out in the cemetery is the way to go. There, we will be able to attach your designed Bronze Memorial Plaques For Two People to any of our granite memorial styles: Flat Gravestones, Upright Monuments, or Slant Memorials


Granite Colors

For those looking to place their chosen companion bronze plaque out in the cemetery, we have a wide range of colors to choose from. Each bronze grave marker we design is mounted on a fine slab of granite that enables a 2″ margin or border of granite around the bronze. We have mounted bronze to any of the colors listed below, with no single color being less beautiful than the next. So, it really comes down to using the granite color to help tell your loved one’s story. 

Granite Color Options

Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3

Tier 4

"A quality Bronze Memorial Plaques For Two People Design requires a quality Monument Builder"

At Bras & Mattos monuments, we pride ourselves on delivering Companion Bronze Memorials at affordable prices. No matter the monument we are mounting on, you can be sure that with your help on the design, your loved one will be remembered with the perfect headstone for their memorial plot. Thus, allowing future generations to remember the legacy and story through their quality bronze memorial.To learn more and see our full memorial design process, please view our Youtube Channel

We cannot wait to help you memorialize your story. 

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