Bronze Memorial Plaque Accessories

Bronze memorial Plaque Accessories

Whether you want to capture your loved one’s best moments or have a place to set beautiful bouquets when you visit, Bras and Mattos have a Bronze Memorial Plaque Accessory for you.

When designing a bronze memorial plaque for your loved one, adding a portrait adds a full-color representation of their life directly on the memorial. A vase can bring a natural pop of color that matches the season. 


Our knowledgable and experienced staff here at Bras & Mattos Monuments are always here to help you memorialize your loved one. Whether Bronze Grave Markers, Flat Grave Markers or any of our other memorial shapes, we have experience engraving and casting even the most unique designs. For more specific pictures of our past work view our memorial inspiration board.

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Porcelain Portraits For Bronze Memorial Plaques

So first, it helps to know that traditionally, a Bronze Memorial Plaque is placed or mounted on the walls of a mausoleum to mark the specific person’s remains behind the panel. While many mausoleums throughout the Bay Area will not allow you to change the color of the granite panel, you can customize your loved one’s bronze with a full-color picture of them in beautiful porcelain. 

We offer many shape options for the porcelain picture you wish to adorn the bronze plaque. From rounded ovals to completely custom-fitting shapes, we have the porcelain to match. The picture you provide of the person to be memorialized will be digitally imprinted onto the porcelain. The portrait is then finished with a glossy overcoat to protect the picture for years to come.

Have a look at some of the porcelain products shown below and speak with our helpful staff about incorporating the portrait into the overall design of the bronze. 

Granite Colors

For those looking to add an accessory to a Bronze Memorial that will be placed out in the cemetery we have a large array of granite colors to choose from. For a flat bronze marker, the granite will act as a 2″ border around the bronze.

For other shapes the bronze will be inlayed in any position you choose. Thus, allowing a multitude of other engravings to be added. Once again it is best to speak with one of our experienced memorial designers in making this selection. Schedule an appointment to come by our shop and start designing your memorial today.

Granite Color Options

Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3

Tier 4

"Quality Bronze Plaque Memorial Accessories are best from a quality Monument Builder"

At Bras & Mattos monuments, we pride ourselves on delivering high quality bronze plaque memorial accessories at affordable prices. No matter the overall monument or memorial, you can be sure that with your help on the design, your loved one will be remembered with the perfect headstone for their memorial plot. Thus, allowing future generations to remember their legacy and story through their quality memorial.To learn more and see our full memorial design process, please view our Youtube Channel

We cannot wait to help you memorialize your story. 

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