Small Bevel Headstone Marker

Small Bevel Grave Marker Design ​

Small Bevel Grave Marker Design

Commonly known as a part of the Flat Gravestones family of memorials, a bevel grave marker is a double-thick gravestone that features a signature back to front “Bevel”. This bevel allows for a better viewing angle of the loved one’s information on the stone. Unlike that of the flat grave marker, the visitors to the bevel grave marker would be able to view it easily from farther away as the design allows. 

In this article, we are going to cover Bevel Marker Polishes and Finishes, Bevel Gravestone Foundations and Bases, Overall Bevel Marker Design

Bevel Grave Marker Polishes and Finishes

The two main polishes and finishes we use are standard polish and rock pitch, or rough finish. The standard polish will take any of the granite colors options we offer and really make them sparkle. Some of the granite colors like our India Black will actually resemble a darkened mirror after polishing. A special note with polishing, all 5 visible sides of your bevel will be polished, so you can theoretically engrave on all sides, whereas with only the top polished, you only get one engrave-able surface. 

The rock pitch finish is typically used when trying to achieve a more natural look to the granite. In the old world, hammer and chisel style, the bevel marker’s top face will be polished for engraving with the sides naturally chipped away for a rocky, earthy feel. 

Foundations and Bases with Bevel Grave Markers

While some cemeteries may allow you to have your bevel set just directly on the ground, most will require a base or foundation of some sort. The typical foundation is not customizable and is normally a uniform concrete that the cemeteries mandate be used. 

Where we offer an extra level of customization is with our granite bases like the one shown here on the “Together Forever” bevel marker. The bevel is paired with a larger Georgia Grey granite base that has been drilled with vase holes. Furthermore, in this example, the bevel is all polished and the base has a polished top with our rock-pitched finish on the other sides. Literally, any granite color combination can be used in this type of pairing. 

Granite Colors

More often than not, the granite color is the first thing that you choose when designing a bevel grave marker. For those that have not chosen yet, we offer bevel markers in all of the colors listed below. The color you choose tells an equal part of your loved one’s story as well as which color they potentially like best. Remember that if you are going to be engraving anything on the bevel’s polished sides, you will likely want it to be a darker color with much higher contrast (Gold Star, Blue Pearl, Emerald Pearl, or India Black).


Granite Color Options

Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3

Tier 4

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