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About Santa Cruz Memorial, Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz Memorial Park has served the community since 1862. It was then that the Santa Cruz Independent Order of Odd Fellows (I.O.O.F.) Lodge purchased a wonderful plot of land that borders the San Lorenzo River, to carry on the tradition of providing dignified funeral ceremonies which began in the English Guilds of long ago. According to legend, a group of caring people assured that orphans and peasants received proper burial. Countrymen thought this quite odd, hence the name “Odd Fellows.”

One of our latest expansions is our award winning Mariposa Gardens. It is a peaceful garden where families are able to place their loved ones’ cremated remains. When it comes to deciding where to place the remains the families have many choices. There are family estates, creek side boulder estates, granite monument niches, and the Spanish fountain plaza.

Santa Cruz Memorial – Mission Chapel was opened in 1990, in response to many, many requests from the community to simplify funeral arrangements by having a single place to handle all arrangements, including burial and cremation arrangements. 

From its opening Santa Cruz area residents have appreciated the convenience of a single location and the care and comfort provided by a staff of caring individuals and organization with over 150 years of service to the community of Santa Cruz. The Mission Chapel has a small private Hillside Chapel located across the street from our offices for 20-25 people with refreshments area. In addition, the Hillside Chapel also is home of the world famous life size Last Supper Sculpture, a true piece of Santa Cruz history. There is a reception area on site where families can meet those attending services and provide refreshments, a less formal space to share memories.


1927 Ocean St Ext, Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Open Daily 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

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