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Rockville Cemetery is the earliest cemetery in the Fairfield-Suisun (Solano County) area. The historic and beautifully maintained cemetery is nestled under native oak trees along the Suisun Valley Creek. In the early years settlers gathered to hear the visiting preacher and enjoy the companionship of friends and new acquaintances.

In 1856 Landy and Sarah Alford donated five acres of land to build a Methodist-Episcopal Church and to expand the existing cemetery. The tragic irony is that the Landy’s three-year old daughter, Sarah, died that December at the time the first services were held in the stone church and hers was the first burial since the expansion. In the Alford family plot lies an old and crumbling field stone inscribed with the words, “Sarah Alford, daughter of Landy and Sarah Alford, died December 1856.”

Although the cemetery dates back to 1851 the earliest stone found during the 1983 survey was that of John Blake, born in Giles County, Virginia and died in Suisun Valley on September 5, 1852.

In the early years, small cemeteries were formed by church and fraternal organizations. In 1909 an act creating public cemetery districts was adopted. The purpose was to assure families that cemeteries holding their loved ones would be cared for in a dignified and respectful manner.

Public Cemetery Districts maintain and care for thousands of old burial plots for which there is no way to charge fees so they rely mainly on revenue from property taxes.


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