Pet Headstones, Gravestones, & Memorials

Pet Memorials

When we talk about loved one’s, that includes our furry friends as our companions through this life. Our dogs, cats, horses, and birds are full-fledged members of the family and deserve to be memorialized as such. We offer a wide range of pet memorials, urns, and bronze plaque markers here at Bras & Mattos that will aid you and your family in remembering your beloved pet for ages to come. 

The pet memorial you choose can be placed in select sections of cemeteries throughout the San Fransisco Bay Area, as well as placed in your own home’s garden. All options are available and can be tailored to help tell your pet’s story by our expert memorial staff. 

In this article, we will cover some design elements for each of the most popular pet memorials we have created in the past as well as why the owners choose the monument they choose. 

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Upright Pet Memorials

Your pet was and still is a member of the family, an upright pet memorial will honor their passing to the fullest. Our upright headstones can be easily customized to host the life and story of your pet much like any other loved one you need to memorialize. Set atop a base, an upright memorial will stand tall above any others in the pet section of the cemetery with restrictions, and fully encapsulate your darling pet’s story. Start by selecting the color that most speaks to who they were and the role they played in your life. The biggest and best feature of the upright memorial is the ability for you to design both the front, back, and even sides with engraving, lines of text, and other symbols. Having so much space will allow you to show off an amazing dog or cat to the world for generations to come.

Pet Memorials
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Bronze Pet Memorial Plaques

Our pet memorials don’t just stop at granite offerings. We now offer a full line of various bronze pieces that can either be mounted to granite, garden stones, or stand-alone.

Our bronze can come embedded with either a raised photo of your pet as with our “Fluffy” example or a full-color bronze inlay as with the “Houdini” and “Cookie” examples. 

All of these bronze plaque options can be adapted to tell the story of any of our lost furry friends. They were our companions and extensions of our family, why not memorialize them as such. 

Granite Color Options

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Cat Headstones

Your beloved feline friend or family member had a wonderfully easy-going life with you and your family as its caregiver. When it comes time to lay that beloved friend to rest, their personality and daily activities can aid in creating a beautiful memorial to help you remember them. The granite stone itself can come in a wide range of colors listed below. For personalized pet memorials we highly recommend using the laser engraving technique to pack in a ton of detail about your cat.

Note: laser engraving works best in contrasting colors, so a black or blue pearl granite will be best for the overall design.

Dog Headstones

Much like their feline counterparts, to a pet lover, a dog can be a sole companion or even a member of a larger herd, no matter how they best lived life, a beautiful granite pet headstone will definitely be able to encompass their whole story. Typically a dog memorial will include their paw prints or other renderings of them in full “puppy play mode” both can be incorporated into the design of the memorial. For those looking to cremate their loved ones, we do offer the ability to inlay and incorporate their remains into the memorial stone. Full-color photos are also available to be used through our porcelain inlay option. Have a chat with one of our expert memorial designers today to go over the details and have your beloved family pet memorialized here at Bras & Mattos.

Pet Markers and Memorials: In Conclusion

Whether you select a garden stone or full pet headstone, we are at your service to aid you through the loss of your pet. They showed you their unconditional love throughout their life and now it’s time you showed yours through the building of a stunning pet memorial or pet grave marker. Our memorial design work lasts for an average of 7 generations so you can rest assured that your pet’s memorial stone will continue to tell their story long after their passing.

"A quality Pet Memorial Grave Marker Design requires a quality Memorial Designer"

At Bras & Mattos monuments, we pride ourselves on delivering Pet Gravestones at affordable prices. In fact, no matter the style of pet monument or memorial, you can be sure that with your help on the design, your furry companion will be remembered with the perfect gravestone for their memorial plot. Thus allowing future generations to remember their story through their quality memorial. To learn more and see our full memorial design process, please view our Youtube Channel