Oakwood Memorial Park and Cemetery, Santa Cruz

About Oakwood Memorial Park & Cemetery, Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz Memorial Park has served the community since 1862. It was then that the Santa Cruz Independent Order of Odd Fellows (I.O.O.F.) Lodge purchased a wonderful plot of land that borders the San Lorenzo River, to carry on the tradition of providing dignified funeral ceremonies which began in the English Guilds of long ago. According to legend, a group of caring people assured that orphans and peasants received proper burial. Countrymen thought this quite odd, hence the name “Odd Fellows.”

Oakwood Memorial Park was founded in 1908 by a group of ministers representing 12 different churches. The I.O.O.F. Lodge purchased Oakwood Park in 1947 when the owners could no longer afford to operate and maintain the cemetery. This park is located in the northern Live Oak area behind Dominican Hospital of Santa Cruz where it is blessed with an unsurpassed natural beauty filled with Magnolia trees and sunny hillsides. We also pride ourselves on being non-denominational and allowing all religions to be buried at our park. 

Oakwood Memorial Chapel was opened in 1994, again responding to the community, we opened a full funeral home on the grounds of Oakwood Memorial Park. The Oakwood “Crystal Chapel” was designed with a contemporary style with its translucent ceiling and glass walls provides families a unique and stunning environment in which to conduct services.  The chapel can accommodate 170 seated guests.In addition there is an indoor/outdoor reception area on site where families can meet those attending services and provide refreshments, a less formal space to share memories.


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