Oak Hill Memorial Park, San Jose

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About Oak Hill Memorial Park, San Jose

Oak Hill Memorial Park sprawls across 350 beautifully maintained acres, making it the largest cemetery in the area. The San Jose property has sweeping views of the Santa Clara Valley and is the only cemetery in the Bay Area with views of Silicon Valley.

With an array of oak, sequoia, cedar and pepper trees, the cemetery is a wildlife habitat. The memorial park’s natural beauty—including a river that runs through the property—draws locals for activities such as picnics, jogging and wedding photos. The serenity felt throughout the grounds has a calming effect on cemetery visitors. 

Oak Hill Memorial Park is the oldest non-secular cemetery in California, dating back to 1839, when it was known as Pueblo Graveyard. It is the final resting place for many of the settlers who influenced the formation of San Jose.

On December 6, 1858, the cemetery was renamed Oak Hill Cemetery. Later, the name changed again, to Oak Hill Memorial Park.

Many people come to Oak Hill Memorial Park to explore the history of San Jose. The cemetery’s monuments and private mausoleums represent the city’s rich historic past and ethnic diversity.


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