Honoring A Legendary Soul

Gail Steele

In honor of Gail Steele, we wanted to share the monuments she had built to remember those children lost due to violent acts. Gail led the initiative to fundraise for the Children’s Civic Memorials all while raising awareness for the children. Gail helped to coordinate the 2 memorials here in the East Bay with plans for many more. 

Gail was a long-time member of the Alameda County Board Of Supervisors. She passed recently at the age of 83. 

“She represented the Hayward and parts of Tri-cities on the Alameda County Board of Supervisors from 1992-2010. She also served eight years on the Hayward City Council from 1974-1982.

During her long political career, Steele was a consistent advocate for the youth, including at-risk children and those in foster care. She also pushed to expand mental health services for young people.

In between Steele’s service in local government, she founded the Eden Youth Center in 1976 and served as its executive director until 1992.” As reported on by the Eastbay Citizen

Visit The Children's Civic Memorial

Children's Fairyland

699 Bellevue Ave, Oakland, CA 94610

Children's Memorial Statue

Children's Civic Memorial

As we look a little deeper the statue itself is made of the finest bronze. Cast and forged right here in America, this statue is is left in a beautiful tribute to all the children that have passed due to domestic or local violence in the North East Bay. Resting just outside the Fairyland Children’s Park in Oakland, This statue and Granite Winged Base will stand for generations in remembrance.