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Granite Bench Memorial Design

Bench Memorial Design

A granite bench memorial is a type of monument design that will both proudly honor your loved one and allow you to rest alongside them either in the cemetery or anywhere. With many different styles of bench memorials, you can be sure to tell your loved one’s story in a stone as unique as they were. 

Bench Memorials are also one of the most versatile monuments we offer. They can play a major role in the burial plot as a stand alone piece or a minor supporting role in beautiful collaboration with other pieces such as flat gravestones, upright monuments, or slant memorials

In this article, we are going to cover traditional bench memorials, cremation bench memorials, bench memorial leg design, and bench memorials in collaboration with other monuments. 

Traditional Bench Memorials

Traditionally, A bench memorial will come in one of two sizes, based on the width of the “seat”. Either a single width (36″ wide) or a double-width bench (48″ wide). You will have the option for your chosen type of legs, granite color, engraving, and even if you would like the bench to have a back or not. A park-style bench with a back is one of our most commonly in gardens but it can also be used ornamentally throughout parks and cemeteries. While the modern rectangular block style bench is used more for stand alone monuments. 

Cremation bench Memorials

Where the style of bench may not differ very much in outward appearance, cremation benches are vastly different inside. Typically built with an urn or another container in mind, each cremation bench memorial will actually hold and encapsulate your loved ones remains.

As you can see with modern block style cremation bench shown, the legs are each wider than the basic modern bench we carry. This is because each leg has core holes drilled from it that then hold one single individual’s remains. The modern example here has 6 total core holes drilled and is intended to house 6 individuals from the same estate. 

Bench Memorial Leg Design

One aspect that makes a bench memorial so unique as a monument is that you have so many pieces that can be customized. The legs are one of them and they can be engraved on or, as mentioned, built to hold the remains of your cremated love one. 

The Ricard Family Memorial Bench in red granite utilizes the “Harp” leg style while the modern bench utilizes the square leg design. Both are elegantly polished and can be engraved on further to help tell your loved one’s whole story. 

Bench Memorials in Collaboration With Other Monuments

As mentioned before; bench memorials make excellent accent pieces to any estate or family burial plot. As we can see here with the Wade Family Companion Memorial;  James and Joan Wade wanted their companion slant memorial to rest at the head of the burial plot with their chosen harp style bench memorial gracing the foot. 

They choose our India Black granite color for its contrast to the white engraving and to match their bench color to their slant memorial. Together, the Wade’s always strove to offer help to all that asked for it and thus the reason they choose a bench. To help those visiting their grave not have to stand while there. 

Granite Colors

More often than not, the granite color is the first thing that you choose when designing a bench memorial. For those that have not chosen yet, we offer bench memorials in all of the colors listed below. The color you choose tells an equal part of your loved one’s story as well as which color they potentially like best. Remember that if you are going to be engraving anything on the bench itself, you will likely want it to be a darker color with much higher contrast (Gold Star, Blue Pearl, Emerald Pearl, or India Black)


Granite Color Options

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Tier 2

Tier 3

Tier 4

"A quality Granite Bench Design requires a quality Monument Builder"

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