Flat Companion Markers

Flat Companion Markers For Two People

A Flat Companion Marker is one that embodies the whole of a couples’ relationship. With a single, but larger slab of granite, we can encompass both of the individual’s stories in stone. They were the best of friends and companions in this life, now their story can live on through the engraving of their flat grave marker. 

In this article, we are going to talk about every design aspect of Flat Companion Marker design, and hopefully, help you in deciding if a Flat Companion Grave Marker is the perfect way to commemorate your loved one’s story together.

Table of Contents

  1. Flat Companion Headstone Design
  2. Unifying Symbols 
  3. The Symmetry of Two
  4. Large Ledger Grave Markers
  5. Colors Available For Companion Markers

Flat Companion Headstone Design

Companion Markers encompass the whole of the beloved relationship the two that are being memorialized shared. It is common for the grave marker to be extra wide or double the width of a traditional flat grave marker. As both names and their respective dates will be engraved, having extra space makes all the difference. It is very typical of this type of joint gravestone to have the shared surname adorn the top center of the design with the individuals on either side. 

Unifying Symbols: Joined Together Forever

The couple was likely joined in marriage during their joint time on earth so it makes sense for their gravestone to bear a unifying symbol. These unifying symbols can consist of two of almost anything: doves, favorite flowers, rings, and all are then paired together and engraved in a way that intertwines the two. Many couples we design these for also may use the actual symbol from the unity ceremony they preformed at the time of their wedding. No matter the symbol, as long as it means something to the couple, it will brilliantly tell their story. 

Companion Markers: The Symmetry of Two

Now that we have the names and unifying symbol in our minds eye, we need to look further into how the memorial design will balance and still tell each unique story. As with the Allen Companion Grave Marker, shown here, the design is perfectly symmetrical down to the flower adornments and even the folds of the top banner. The Allen family were and still are devout Christians and thus their centered cross tells the whole of their story together. Each individual wanted to “go down in the record books” as they put it. So, the frosted panels in the shape of books meant a lot to them to hold each name and final dates.  

Granite Colors Available for Flat Companion Markers

The granite color chosen to be engraved on could either benefit the design or hinder it due to the level of contrast needed for intricate memorial designs. Those that have selected a larger more intricate geographical scene as a background will need to choose a granite color that offers a lot of contrast. Our highest contrast colors are of the darker variety: Blue Pearl, Emerald Pearl, Gold Star, India Black, and Regal Black. While others can be engraved to tell their story, they are more suited for the traditional names and dates only design. 

Granite Color Options

Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3

Tier 4

More Flat Companion Marker Design Ideas

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