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Dublin Area CHP Memorial

“The five-foot high monument, designed by Bras and Mattos Monuments of Hayward, is situated in the corner of the office garden where all who pass by or enter the parking lot are welcomed. The monument is constructed with a granite base, has three marble panels, and has a 150 pound engraved granite CHP badge affixed to the middle panel. The first panel has a picture of Officer Miller followed by his name, identification number and E.O.W. date. The center panel is engraved with a beautiful United States and California flag followed by the CHP mission of “Safety, Service and Security.” The third panel is engraved with the Oath of Office, which John and every CHP officer takes on their graduation day from the Academy. The words, “Assist those in peril or distress, and, if necessary, lay down my life rather than swerve from the path of duty” remind us of our heroes and their contributions. The Dublin CHP office would like to thank Bob and Bobby Mattos from Bras and Mattos Monuments of Hayward, and the many private donors who funded the entire monument and its lighting system. CHP Officer John P. Miller Memorial in front of Dublin Office SPRIN”


CHP Officer John P. Miller Memorial in front of Dublin Office


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