Alameda County One Hundred Club Memorial

The Alameda County One Hundred Club Memorial is a special multi-piece memorial we designed to help commemorate the lives of all Firefighters and Police Officers lost in the line of duty. Made out of our finest black and grey granite, this memorial features a fire helmet and a police cap resting on the black granite benches viewing the monument. Those custom-engraved pieces are made to represent each branch of those brave men and women listed.

As a larger installation, this One-Hundred Club Memorial can be found near the mausoleum in the Lone Tree Cemetery, in Hayward California.  

Here is a little Snippet From The Alameda County One Hundred Club Website:

In 1974, the Alameda County 100 Club was founded by Martin Kauffman, a retired land developer. Martin had taken a trip to Chicago and was impressed when he learned about the 100 Club there. That same year, two young police officers were shot and killed at Oakland’s Madison Jr. High School. Without hesitation, Martin gave the two widows of the slain officers $1,000.00 each from his own pocket. He then got a group of friends together and formed the Alameda County 100 Club. One man’s vision, kindness, and generosity have made a difference in many lives.

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The Alameda County One Hundred Club Memorial's Mission

The mission of The Martin C. Kauffman 100 Club of Alameda County is to provide immediate financial assistance to the families of Police Officers and Firefighters killed in the line of duty in Alameda County. It is also the mission of the club to provide college scholarships for the children as well as an annual holiday gift.

From The Alameda County One Hundred Club Informer:

“Have you ever got up close to the 100 Club Memorial Wall located at Lone Tree Cemetery in Hayward? Have you read the piece by George Hahn engraved there? Counted the names of the Heroes? It may shock you to learn there are 86 names of Peace Officers killed in the line of duty in Alameda County on our memorial and the history panels. The 86th was added on August 24, 2016 when workers from Bras and Mattos Monument Company brought special equipment and used about five pounds of sand to do the engraving. It took about 15 minutes to sandblast the sixteen letters and five numbers. When they removed the protective tape the newest hero’s name stood out against the shiny black granite: Paul M. Carlisle, Dec. 1, 2015.” 


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