Civic and Veterans Memorials

Civic Monuments and Veteran Memorials

A civic monument or veteran memorial is much more than stone. It is a tangible expression of pride in what has shaped the foundation for what our community is today. 
A Bras & Mattos civic monument can become an everlasting tribute to any important person or event in your community. We can assist you with designing your civic monument, granite selection, as well as providing you access to the world’s most accomplished artisans and sculptors. 

We would be honored to help you with your memorialization project and help you properly pay tribute to the moments & people that shaped your community.
Here are some of the projects our family has been involved in over the years.  We look forward to continuing to help pay tribute to our community for many generations to come. 

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The Castro Valley Veterans Memorial was a special installation that truly pays tribute to all service members lost and currently serving. For us, at Bras & Mattos, it was even more special to be a part of this because Castro Valley is in our backyard.  

With many upright tablet monuments, and even more memorial benches surrounding the whole of the memorial, we are proud to have been able to include just about every service branch in the military. 

View many more photos and a walkthrough video here.

The Alameda County Supervisors Memorial is the largest of its kind anywhere in the Bay Area or California for that matter. With the two extensions of the Fire Fighters and the Peace Makers memorials as wings. the Alameda County Supervisors council has many more years and names to add to the memorial in the future. 

View many more photos and a walkthrough video here.

The Alameda County One Hundred Club Memorial is a special multi-piece memorial we designed to help commemorate the lives of all Firefighters and Police Officers lost in the line of duty. Made out of our finest black and grey granite, this memorial features a fire helmet and a police cap resting on the black granite benches viewing the monument. Those custom-engraved pieces are made to represent each branch of service.

As a larger installation, this One-Hundred Club Memorial can be found near the mausoleum in the Lone Tree Cemetery, in Hayward California.  

The Gold Star Veterans Memorial is a large memorial installation located in Hayward, CA at Lone Tree Cemetery. With the use of multiple 6″ thick black granite uprights, the whole of the monument rests on a large black granite base. The letters on the front of the memorial are cast in bronze and polished, while the back scenes and letters are beautifully etched.  

We are so honored to have been able to help design and construct the Golden Gate Division CHP Fallen Officers memorial. Cut and polished from 3 large slabs of our India black granite, this memorial makes a beautiful addition to the already in place golden bell. 

The Fallen Officer’s granite star makes a beautiful centerpiece and focal point of this memorial. Custom engraved by our expert memorial staff, this memorial will stand for generations and always remember those fallen in the line of duty.

This stunning monument to veterans of foreign wars is a lasting tribute. We try to honor our veterans as often as possible so this memorial is one of many that Bras and Mattos Monument has produced over the years but it is one of our favorites. The gentleman resting on this bench is a likeness of that used in the artistic work “Poppies” which has been used to honor veterans around the country. 

We cannot wait to help you memorialize your story. 

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